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Hiring managers of 90 percent of small and big organizations worldwide organizations outsource some portions of the recruiting process that are require a high degree of scalability and highly transactional to staffing agencies . The agencies in turn partner with RPO companies for fast, satisfactory, and successful fulfillment of their clients' hiring tasks. RPO is a service in which the front-end processes such as direct sourcing, candidate research, candidate screening and internet sourcing and/or testing are outsourced. These processes tend to rapidly scale in line with hiring demand and lend themselves to outsourcing vs. the creation of a fixed overhead internal function or utilizing expensive agencies.

Smart Global can create a fluid program that will drive significant volumes of sourced and pre-screened candidates into your hiring process. Smart Global solution can be redirected in a real-time fashion by the client to new positions at any point throughout the program. This creates a highly efficient and tactically precise program that will drive down costs and improve quality candidate flow. We can help your company fully leverage the candidates available through your Applicant Tracking System, Monster and numerous other online resources to reduce the high volume of candidates received to the shortlist of superstars you want to interview and hire.

Smart Global can also augment those sources with our direct sourcing capabilities designed to uncover the most attractive and difficult to identify premium talent. Within Smart Global’s Research Center of Excellence, Research Recruiters will utilize the proprietary Smart Global Sourcing Analytics Platform to build a custom sourcing solution which includes our proprietary direct sourcing methodology.

By leveraging Smart Global experience and sourcing capability to outsource the front end process you can significantly improve quality of talent, cycle times, and gain more control over costs.

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