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Smart Global RPO offers a variety of services to clients including businesses based in the United States. Our core area of work is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Staffing and consulting agencies in the United States face the challenge of balancing multiple tasks of ever increasing importance with the manpower available to them while keeping their costs low to enhance their profits. Tasks such as client relationship and quality assurance require more quality manpower, which, in turn, transcends to higher costs in terms of salaries being paid to experienced professionals onsite. This is where Smart Global RPO can help you. Smart Global RPO’s team will interact with your employees to fine tune your staffing requirements and help the clients to locate the ideal candidates. To save your time and money and lets your onsite staff focuses on the more prudent and non-outsourceable tasks that require personal and in-person attention, our recruiters will conduct the preliminary interviews and arrange a final interview with your managers. We offer you dedicated offshore recruitment professionals who are trained and highly experienced.

Sometimes, businesses are more interested in focusing on their core competencies and prefer to outsource other work. This can easily be done by outsourcing specific tasks such as , Call Center Activities, , Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Designing, Testing, Branding, Logo Design, Content Creation and more. Most of these are specialized services that do not require an organization to hire full-time staff. By outsourcing these activities to Smart Global RPO we assure you a cost-effective, High quality solution.

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